Hello!  Kritter here.  So About ME!

The Basics:  I am a newlywed, daughter, sister and friend.  Me and the hubby (JP) have a little furry one - Charlotte.  Miss Charlotte is my reading buddy - she loves to curl up in my big chair and "read" along with me.   

I love to read, and by love I mean love.  I tend to veer towards chick lit, women's fiction, YA, suspense and memoirs.  I must admit that chick lit has always been a go to read when I don't want to think or the stresses of life are getting to me.   

I entered the blogging world as a a reader and follower for awhile.  With a little coaxing, I decided to start writing what I had been emailing to family and friends - books to recommend.  There are few people in this world who have received those emails, so why not share them with others.

I work full time as an Executive Administrative Assistant where I keep our CEO's calendar, plan the yearly retreat and anything else that comes across my desk.  I love my job.  The only downside is the whole 40+ hours each week where I could be reading, reviewing or blogging!

The Future:  Obviously, I want to keep reading and reviewing books that challenge and entertain me.  My utmost goal is to get even more connected in the book world - follow authors, learn more about publishing, and experience bookie things that I have never done before. 

So that's me in a nutshell. 

Contact me (kdurham2@gmail.com) - if you want to help with my future goals, want to recommend (or send) books my way, or if you just want to chat about books and bookie things! 


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