Kritter's Policies

Privacy Policy Privacy is the best policy!  I believe privacy is very important, so here at Kritter's Ramblings we take every precaution to make sure each reader and commentor is allowed his/her privacy when they are here.

The only time personal information is collected at Kritters Ramblings is during a contest or giveaway.  I use a standard form to obtain name and email address.  After the winner has been determined, that winner is contacted only by me and the address is collected and passed onto the publisher who is helping me host the giveaway.

When the winner is announced, only the given entry name is used to announce the winner of such giveaway. 

All personal information is deleted after the completion of each giveaway.

Review Policy
I am a book fan!  I have been blogging for over a year and although this is a hobby, I spend a great amount of time reviewing, participating in bookish things and of course reading my way through the shelves in my house.

As a book blogger, I receive review copies through many different avenues.  I read and review books in the following genres – women’s fiction, chick lit, suspense and memoir

With 2-3 months notice, I will post a review in a timely manner of the book’s release.  I am willing to be a part of book tours, host giveaway contests and interview authors. 

All reviews will be honest and completely original.  There is no guarantee for a positive review.  The reviews will be posted on my blog, Amazon, Google books, Goodreads, Paperback Swap and Barnes and Noble's website. 

I will accept ebooks and PDFs for review.  I have acquired a Nook, so please contact me if an ebook is available to review.

To get in touch with me for all bookish things, I can be reached at kdurham2 (at) gmail (dot) com



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