Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's Monday, What are you Reading?

It was a sad week on the reading front.  A lot going on at work and with a washer and a fridge crapping out in the same week, too much drama at the house and couldn't concentrate on a book at all.  Hopefully next week will be a little quieter!

A meme hosted by Sheila at BookJourney. 

Finished this past week:
Sweet Memories by Steena Holmes
Sweet Dreams by Steena Holmes
Eyes on You by Kate White
Chasing the Sun by Natalia Sylvester

Currently Reading:
Grand Central by Assorted Authors
The Tilted World by Tom Franklin & Beth Ann Fennelly

Next on the TBR pile:
Last Night at the Blue Angel by Rebecca Rotert


  1. Ugh, it's a conspiracy! All the big ticket items seem to go at once!

    Keep calm and read on!
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  2. Well, on the bright side, you shouldn't have to worry about your washer and fridge. I hope this week is better. Come see my busy week here. Happy reading!


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