Sunday, December 31, 2023

2023 wrap up

WELL, I thought 2022 was going to be my saddest reading year, but 2023 was worse.  It was a year full of other hobbies taking center stage - making a new house a home, setting up a new garden, and welcoming a new puppy into my house!  All of these things took my time and attention, so hopefully 2024 reading will take up more of my time!

  Let's compare 2023 to 2022.  

Total number of books I read in 2023: 49
Total number of books I read in 2022: 91

Total number of pages I flipped, clicked, and so on in 2022: 14,483
Total number of pages I flipped, clicked, and so on in 2022: 29,355

I have been keeping track of WHERE my books were taking place all year. Below is the outcome.  For the second year in a row, my lack of reading absolutely impacted where I traveled.  I didn't even read a book in my home state of Virginia!  I visited 12 states this year and this is a number I would for sure like to increase in 2024.

States that made the list:
Maine                     Connecticut                Illinois
New York                Massachusetts          Colorado
Maryland               Ohio                             California
Pennsylvania        Wisconsin                   Washington

My country number went down again this year and I would love to travel more in 2024, so I want to try to keep an eye on this number and be intentional with my reading.  

Countries accounted for:
India        France            United Kingdom

Come back on January 2nd to see what I hope for in 2024! 

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