Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cyber Cooperation and Community by 
Gerria Johnson

In the next couple of weeks, our eyes and ears will be flooded with images and words of gratefulness and thanksgiving. Television, radio, internet – all of these places will be overflowing with messages of thanks and, of course, the obligatory images of dinner tables full of turkey, stuffing, and other good foods. Some of my online friends have even gotten an early start by posting things they are grateful for daily on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In the midst of this surge of gratitude, I have seen lots of posts and comments that mention things that I agree with and am thankful for myself. However, my most profound discovery has been that more than the things that are mentioned, I am most grateful for the people doing the posting. How boring my day would be without the inspirational quotes, cute pictures of family and funny jokes that constantly stream by my eyes as I write and promote each day!

On an even deeper level, consider how many people on our various lists of friends, fans, and followers that we don’t even know, yet the spirit of community and cooperation among us is just as real as if we all lived on the same street, in the same neighborhood. Retweets, shares, and shout outs become a part of our normal routine, but in this flurry of shared words, I remember that not one of these people is obligated to support me in any way. It is truly a gift from God to have such meaningful connections to virtual “strangers” and for this I am grateful.    

The WoMen's Literary Cafe is very thankful for all of the support from bloggers, reviewers, and readers during the Come Back To Me book launch and 99 cent event. 

As a thank you, we are giving away GE Johnson's book Love& Wrath: The Beginning for free today only. To win your copy just leave a comment with your email address and I can provide a smashwords coupon code for yours to enjoy the book for free!  

I am excited to start reading this book today!


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