Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Ramble: Black Friday

So tell me who went out yesterday and braved the storm of crazy shoppers looking for the discounts?

I went out last year and ended up catching a theft in process at a local Target, so this year I decided to stay quiet at the home front and catch up on the reading list.  I will venture out later today, but there isn't anything on the list, so it will be more of an adventure than a mission.

A quick little ramble today, just wanted to see who made their way out to the stores and what they saw?


  1. It is about a twenty year tradition that my sisters and I go out on what is now called black Friday. (it wasn't when we started this.) We are very low key and aren't out to get some certain item at midnight. We have a great time and we've started another tradition the past few years of stopping for margarittas on the way home!

  2. Margaritas on the way home, may talk me into going out. I went out today (gray Saturday) and it was a bear, a glass of wine is on the agenda!

  3. I was out Friday morning before heading into the office, hitting some of the electronics sales and generally participating in the madness! It wasn't all that bad, actually; of the three stores we went to, we basically walked right up the registers in each place. The businesses seemed pretty well prepared for the crowds.


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