Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Ramble - the latest happenings

Well as previously stated we have had a TON of things going on.
So October began with a corporate retreat that I had spent a super long time planning! It went off with just a few hitches - all solved on site. This made for a very long weekend two days before we started the move!! YEP only twenty minutes from one place to the other, but oh my gosh, it was a crazy crazy long exhausting weekend and more.

***Sorry no picture***

While moving, I was told by my parents who are in Australia for my dad's work that my grandfather had passed. The boy gets food poisoning and I head to a funeral. YEP that was all in one week.

So here I am, very few reads in October and ready for some downtime.

The best bookish news occurred last weekend - a Borders Tent Sale!!

Alexandra Gone by Anna McPartlin
Un-Veiled by Eileeen Rendahl
Room for Love by Andrea Meyer
Sounds Like Crazy by Shana Mahaffey
The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble

Well, hopefully another update will follow soon with some more bookish news!

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