Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Secrets of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway

Goodreads: Morgan is a National Disaster.

Morgan Abbott couldn't be happier. Super-cute Max has quit her Secret Service detail to be her (secret) boyfriend, and the annoying Brittany Whittaker has been ousted from class president, leaving the post open for Morgan! Life is pretty sweet.

Now Morgan just has to tackle college applications - but she has too much else to juggle that looking that far ahead seems impossible! Good thing she's graceul under pressure . . . well, sometimes.

A trip to London should be just the thing to take her mind off all the craziness, but true to form, chaos follows Morgan wherever she goes - and the trip turns into an international disaster. Can she make it right? Or will she cause a royal mess?

Kritters Thoughts: What a sweet sequel! A story of a girl who is falling in love with a guy that she is not supposed to and she is the first woman president's daughter. All of this wrapped up in a story with fun and mahem.

The sequel to Confessions of a First Daughter - so I won't divulge too much because you must read it first to fall in love with the sequel. Although there are some repeats, so this could possibly be a stand alone, I think that reading the first book is too cute to pass up.

I would pass this book and the first one onto females of all ages - cute and sweet the younger would enjoy a bit more, but even us older ladies can enjoy a story about a girl trying to decide where her life will go after high school ends.

Rating:absolutely loved it and want a sequel

Pages: 208

Cover Challenge April-June: Promise Not to Tell

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