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Review: Running of the Bride by Rachel Eddey

Running of the Bride by Rachel Eddey

Publisher: skirt!
Pages: 256 
Format: book
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Goodreads:  When Rachel's handsome studio exec boyfriend proposes to her on the Sex and the City movie set, she can't fathom the dizzying adventure about to begin. Accepting a once-in-a-lifetime venue deal helps their budget, but it puts them on a crash course to get married in just four months - and time isn't their only challenge. They battle a wacky assortment of vendors, including a hair stylist who fakes a car accident and a makeup artist overly inspired by Marilyn Manson. This while testing their love and discovering much-needed truths about each other amid tastings and tulle. Determined to use her nervous energy productively, Rachel enters every contest she can find, winning diamond earrings, a honeymoon, a photographer, and not one but two wedding gowns. Her obsession with pop culture lands the entire wedding party on not one but two hit reality television shows. As the clock ticks down, there's just one problem: her staunch perfectionism and fear of dancing threaten to derail everything. She has to learn to redefine perfection and embrace the mistake - or risk losing it all.

Kritters Thoughts:  If you are planning a wedding or just got married, run to the closest bookstore or hop online and order this book - cute, funny and the perfect read!  I read this book, the weekend before I got married in two sittings and wanted to read half of it aloud to my sweet, sweet groom who's to do list, is quite longer than mine at this point!! 

Rachel is a New Yorker who has a great boyfriend who has connections from his job as a studio lot executive.  He proposes on the set of the second Sex and the City movie, and then finds the perfect location from the nuptials with only four months to plan the wedding of her dreams.

Rachel had me completely laughing out loud because I had endured half of the interesting trials that she had over the past 6 months; I completely understood her story.  This is the book I will buy for all of my friends the minute I find out they are engaged; they will need the laughs to get through some of the conversations that occur while planning a wedding.

SIDE NOTE: I had a semi-similar experience in that I had only 6 months to plan the wedding, work a full time job and keep the blog up and running, oh and keep the relationship in working order, so he still wanted to marry me in the end of it all!  My full time job isn't high stress, but is definitely demanding of my time at all times of the day - an assistant to a CEO is never off duty!  It was quite a balance to keep it all running smoothly while planning a corporate retreat for the full company with 140 employees and growing, each day was a marathon to the end!  But as our wedding was this past Saturday, I am glad to say that we made it and I am on a beach relaxing with my next book in hand and my phone is turned off!

Rating: absolutely loved it and want a sequel

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one copy of this book free of charge from the author at BEA 2012.  I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for receipt of the book; rather, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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