Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not so Wordless Wednesday

So this won't be such a Wordless Wednesday, but it will be chock full of great pictures.  My mom and I went on Saturday to the Gaithersburg Festival in MD.  We had printed the schedule ahead of time and had signings and talks that we definitely wanted to see.  Minus the cold and damp weather, it was such a fun book day!

Caroline Leavitt read from her latest Is This Tomorrow.  I had read it, so it was fun to hear here talk about the research she had to do to find out the small details of life in the 1950s for both men and women.

 Jeanine Cummins is a Gaithersburg native.  She read from her parallel narrative The Crooked Branch.  I bought this book to get it signed, haven't read it yet, but definitely excited to after she talked about it.
 Jennifer Close is an author that I have now seen a few times and have read both of her books.  She was (maybe still is) an employee at a local indie bookstore in DC - Politics and Prose.  I liked her first book, Girls in White Dresses, but LOVED The Smart One her latest book.   
Finally, Jane Green was the one author that both mom and I were so excited to see and hear from.  Jane was there to promote her latest Family Pictures, BUT she ended up reading a part from her next book - Tempting Fate.  That was so awesome to hear from a book that isn't out yet, and trust me this one sounds good!  She talked about her own personal author history and then the book industry, I loved hearing everything she had to say.

All in all, we had such a fun time.  It is a smaller festival, but still has some great big name authors.  The signing lines were manageable and there was plenty of time to chat with the authors and make some connections.

AS we are not going to BEA this year, this was definitely a good filler event.

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  1. Wish I would have known you were there. I was at the Maryland Writer's Association booth again this year. It was such a highlight last year to meet you & Melissa Foster. Glad you had fun!


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