Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 was a fantastic year in books.  I read a little bit of everything (minus sci fi/fantasy) and had some really really good reads and even some duds.  

I wanted to take one post and just do a recap of 2013!

Total number of books I read: 216

Total number of pages I flipped, clicked, and so on: 69,361

I have been keeping track of WHERE my books were taking place all year.  Below is the outcome.  There are only 8 states that I didn't "visit," but there are 16 countries other than the US that I spent some time in!

States that didn't make the list:
Rhode Island          Oklahoma            Idaho
Delaware               Kansas                 Utah
Mississippi              Wyoming

Countries accounted for:
Mexico          Italy
Jamaica         Austria
Peru              Czech Republic
Argentina      France
Chile             UK (London)
India             Ireland
Iran               Russia
Greece          Canada
Japan            Wales


Lori Nelson said...

Happy New Year! Cheers to another year of good books!

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