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Review: Lies, Love and Breakfast at Tiffany's

Lies, Love and Breakfast at Tiffany's
by Julie Wright

Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Pages: 320
Format: book
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The Lie
Women in Hollywood are just pretty faces. But Silvia Bradshaw knows that’s a lie, and she’s ready to be treated as an equal and prove her worth as one of Hollywood’s newest film editors.
The Love
She and Ben Mason had worked together as editors before Silvia got her big break, so he’s the perfect person to ask for feedback on her first major film. But even as their friendship begins to blossom into something more, a lawsuit surfaces, jeopardizing both Ben and Silvia’s jobs—as well as their fledgling romance. Audrey Hepburn once said: “The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.” Silvia agrees. Or she used to. It’s one thing to risk her job and her heart, but can she really risk Ben’s, too? Does she have the right to make decisions for her own happiness when they affect so many other people?
The Breakfast
With everything to lose, Silvia meets Ben for breakfast at his favorite diner, Tiffany’s, for one last conversation before the credits roll on true love.

Kritters Thoughts:  The perfect sweet romance with a behind the scenes look of Hollywood that is different from most behind the scenes.  Most behind the scenes of Hollywood take you into the actor's point of view, this one takes you behind the scenes into the editing bay.  Silvia Bradshaw loves being a part of the process in editing, she is slowly working her way up the ladder project by project, but her current boss is making life a little difficult.  Ben Mason was her previous boss and helped her get her to where she is now and when looking at things after they have happened, Ben and Silvia begin to see each other with different eyes.

I love romance books and I read a lot of them.  What makes a great romance for me is a good plot and two people who you can root for their love.  I don't tend to love romance books with a lot of sexy times, especially if I feel as though the author is leaning on that instead of putting in a great plot - not the case in this one.  It is all plot and I loved it.  

With most romance books, you know where the story will end, but the journey to that end is the joy of the book.  I loved the plot of this book, it had ups and downs as they all do, but it felt believable and real, yet still sweet and a great escape from life.  Silvia and Ben had just the right story.

Rating: absolutely loved it and want a sequel

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one copy of this book free of charge from Shadow Mountain Publishing.  I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for receipt of the book; rather, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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