Thursday, February 1, 2024


To recap January, I was ready for a new year to begin and made a few goals for the month and the year and I knocked January out of the park!  I tried and loved 4 recipes and even have some ready for February.  My reading is on track, maybe a little behind in the audiobook world, but that's ok.  And my workouts have been so good - well-rounded, inspiring, and a wonderful break from the things going on around me.    

1. Rabbit Hole by Kate Brody (audiobook)
2. A Light Beyond the Trenches by Alan Hlad
3. City Under One Roof by Iris Yamashita
4. Yours for the Taking by Gabrielle Korn
5. Seven Girls Gone by Allison Brennan
6. Diva by Daisy Goodwin
7. The Missing Witness by Allison Brennan
8. Cold Pursuit by Nancy Mehl
9. Cold Threat by Nancy Mehl
10. One in a Millennial by Kate Kennedy (audiobook)

Total pages read, clicked, and flipped: 3,474

Where Have I Been Reading?:
New York City
Los Angeles, CA
St. Louis, MO
Burlington, IA

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