Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Challenges

I don't tend to overwhelm myself with too many challenges because I don't want to do the upkeep for them throughout the year.  So here are the three challenges that I will be doing in 2012:

1. Where are you Reading 2012?
         A challenge that consists of me keeping up with a google map with all the locations of where the books I am reading take place.  This challenge only poses a problem when you reading those that don't really happen "here."  My 2012 map can be located - Kritters Map.  I loved this challenge last year, so I look forward to participating again.

2. Off the Shelf Challenge 2012
        A second year to tackle this challenge and maybe 2012 I can make a bigger dent off my shelf and see big numbers with this one.  I will try to be "On a Roll" with this one, challenging myself to 50 books again.  So now to gather books to start 2012 right with reading off my current shelves!

3. Ebook Reading Challenge 2012
       A new one for me this year, but after seeing how many ebooks I read last year, I think this one will be easily accomplished!  I am going to "MegaSize" this challenge and see if I can read more than 25 ebooks over the course of 2012.  

As I did this past year, I will still be doing the Goodreads Challenges in the Red Dress Ink Fans group.  

My ultimate goal is to have a good year of reading with diverse books that challenge and entertain me!

Happy Reading in 2012!


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