Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: Life After Forty by Dora Heldt

Life After Forty by Dora Heldt

Publisher: AmazonCrossing 
Pages: 224 
Format: book
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Goodreads:  If you're nearing forty and your husband suddenly dumps you after ten years of marriage, and he has the gall to do it over the phone, it's bound to come as a blow. This is exactly what happens one fine evening to Christine, a publishing sales rep who is always on the road. When he calls, she’s sitting on her sister's sofa. What should she do? Even though she is in crisis, she has to do something – or so say her sister Ines and her many girlfriends. First and foremost, they insist: move out. It's only once she's left home and moved to the city that it hits her - Why did he leave? How ever will she get used to being on her own? She has to develop a whole new rhythm to her life, and boost her tattered self-confidence. But as her friend Marlene says: “Darling, in six months' time you'll be laughing about it all.” But do we really laugh off such serious matters as divorce? Dora Heldt might just convince you with this uplifting, humorous novel about starting life afresh.

Kritters Thoughts:  Set in Germany, this international chick lit is a great read for the older chick lit fans!  Our main character Christine, finds herself in the midst of a marriage that is falling apart piece by piece.  She ends up single in the city about to turn 40 and wondering what to do from there.  Her story starts there and ends in a completely different spot, it was fun to see where her journey would take her and who would be with her in the end.  

Although I am not one to enjoy a book that doesn't take place on my side of the pond, this book could have been set anywhere and because of that I loved the anywhere quality.  So I could completely immerse myself into Christine's story and get to know all of her friends and family that would be by her side through this difficult season.  I don't want to burst the bubble on this one, but I felt as though her ups and downs were real and happen to many women who find themselves single at a later time in their lives.  

A chick lit that I would recommend to young and old even though the younger generation may not be quite in the age range of the main character.  I think this story is one for everyone to read where each reader will come away with something different - may it be an appreciation for the relationship in or the guts to leave one that isn't working.  

With a sequel to be reviewed tomorrow - I will continue following Christine in her adventure as a single city gal. 

Rating: absolutely loved it and want a sequel

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