Thursday, December 22, 2011

Review: Chocolicious by Geraldine Solon

Chocolicious by Geraldine Solon 

Publisher: Solstice Publishing 
Pages: 288 
Format: eARC 
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Goodreads:  A week after Blair Nightingale’s husband, Larry, dies, she learns she’s about to lose everything she owns due to a foolish mistake Larry made. In an instant, Blair’s life is transformed from rich, Silicon Valley trophy wife to poor, widowed single mom. Her only goal now is to provide for her daughter. As Blair begins to pick up the pieces, George—Larry’s best friend and the man she truly resents—seems to always be around. When Blair is overwhelmed by all the challenges she faces, she seeks comfort in baking rich, filled, three-layered cupcakes that her grandmother once taught her, and soon Blair's life is changed forever.

Kritters Thoughts:  Officially sitting on the fence in this book, a great story and I was moved  to read until the end to find out where Blair would find herself in the end.  Although there were something things that bothered me about the plot and the structure, so I think this is a good read, but I would warn that there were some things that I would have tweaked if I had been an editor

One change I would make in the telling of the story was throughout the book, the author quickly changed from speaking in the present to switching to a memory from the past, I wish there was a little more transition because at times I was lost whether she was talking about her current situation or was speaking about her past.   

The other change is about the main character Blair.  There were moments where from page to page there was something negative happening and it quickly get fixed, maybe a little too easily.  At the same time, she was just a depressing character to read and just spent most of her time whining when things were coming together way too easily.  Blair also had some weird character developments when she went from not liking a certain male to making out with him on the next page - I just didn't get it.  I saw growth by the end, but towards the middle I was worried for her and her story.

In the end, this was a story that centers around a woman who has to pick herself up for her and her child after her husband tragically dies.  She must obtain her first job and create a life that she loves, this part of the story was great to see empowerment in a woman and a drive to provide for her family.

Rating: enjoyable but didn't leave me wanting more

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