Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CSN bookshelf review

Well friends, I was contacted awhile ago from CSN to review anything I wished from their many websites. After the item I chose was on back order, it finally shipped on July 22. Upon receiving the shipping notice, it took very little time arrive to my front door.

I told the boy that I was determined to at least put it together on my own, but would definitely need some help mounting it on our wall. It took very little time to get through the four steps to put it together, but my own concern was that the wood "grain" wasn't matching up to the instructions. Everything else on the diagram was matching up perfectly. I forged on and put it all together.
One of the downfalls I would say was it definitely felt flimsy before we put it on the wall. I was nervous that it may fall to pieces while we were trying to get it on the wall.

Unfortunately, the boy didn't have a moment to hang it, so I had to wait until Monday evening to get it on our wall, but I am very pleased. It is definitely taller than I thought. I love it. I have loaded it with some books, frame and candle. I am not sure they are permanent, but I like the look of it hanging over my big reading chair.

**This item was provided free of any obligation by CSN stores. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.

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  1. We have the same shelf. Hanging it up was definitely the most difficult part for us - getting the holes to line up on that kind of shelf is a pain.

    We have ours stocked with the DVDs and it works really well for that :-)


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