Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Dress Rehearsal by Jennifer O'Connell

Goodreads: No one knows wedding cakes better than the owner of Boston's hottest cake boutique. Lauren Gallagher is a pro at helping brides and grooms of tomorrow pick out the perfect Big Day dessert. She also has a talent for predicting which marriage will last and which is destined to crumble-simply by observing their cake selection process.

Her latest prediction, however, is anything but sweet. Unless her martial Magic Eight Ball is off, one of her best friends is about to tie the knot with Mr. Absolutely All Wrong. But while she's trying to prevent a potential mismatch, she's got her own problems-involving an ex-boyfriend, his new fiancee, and the cake of Lauren's dreams.

Kritters Thoughts: A cute little read. With only 250 pages, this book was one of the shortest I have read in a while. I was absolutely bummed when I turned the last page. I didn't feel like the story was complete when it ended. I would have loved another 20 pages to make me feel like I was leaving the characters in a good spot. I don't always feel this way - I just wanted to make sure these three ladies were completely happy when I left them!

I have read a lot recently where the characters took turns telling their part of the story - it was nice to stay in one character's mind throughout the whole book. With three ladies as best friends at the center of the book, I appreciated it only hearing one voice in the book.

One other personal note - the title Dress Rehearsal. I kept finding myself not understanding why it was given to this story. There is one line where I could see it fitting the story, but I kept wanting to rename the book. I never found one that I fell in love with, but I was never sure if this title really matched with the storyline. This point did not ruin the story, but kept me wondering.

Rating: perfect beach read

Pages: 246
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  1. Sounds like chicklit, my personal favorite. Have you come up with a different title yet?



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