Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: Just Don't Call Me Ma'am by Anna Mitchael

Goodreads: Anna Mitchael is like a lot of women you know. In fact, she may even be a lot like you. In her fast-moving world, she might be called on as a friend, coworker, daughter, girlfriend, confidante, brat, cynic or domestic-goddess-in-training. She's willing to juggle pretty much anything that gets thrown her way, but the one label she simply won't embrace is ma'am.

Like so many bright-eyed college graduates before her, Mitchael begins her twenties armed with the conviction that the world is hers for the taking. And she discovers that it is, mostly - only no one told her just how often she'd have to pick herself up off the floor along the way.

Kritters Thoughts: I absolutely loved this book. A great memoir with some humor and truth, mixed with great stories of a single gal taking on her late 20s. I loved how each chapter was named by something she would rather be called other than ma'am - so within each chapter was one story or more that made the point as to why she could be called the other name.

This book reminded me of Jennifer Lancaster's type of humorous memoirs - although if snarky comedy isn't your thing, you would enjoy Anna Mitchael much better. She included humor, but she avoided being the snarky, snippy humor that Lancaster is known for. I enjoy reading books where the main character is the same age as I am and enduring the same work experiences or life experiences that I have or am currently in.

I think that this book would appeal to an audience, although that audience may be selective due to the age of the "character." I would pass this along to my female readers who are fans of memoirs, especially with the author being in her late 20s.
Rating:absolutely loved it and want a sequel

Pages: 248

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