Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: A Pinch of Ooh La La by Renee Swindle

A Pinch of Ooh La La
by Renee Swindle

Publisher: NAL Trade
Pages: 336
Format: book
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To get to happily ever after, sometimes you need to start from scratch....
Abbey Ross, who runs her own bakery in Oakland, California, is known for her visually stunning wedding cakes. But lately, Abbey’s own love life has become stale. According to her best friend, Bendrix, Abbey’s not the spontaneous young woman she was when they were teenagers listening to the Cure and creating attention-grabbing graffiti. Of course, her failed relationship with a womanizing art forger might have something to do with that. Nevertheless, it’s time for Abbey to step out of the kitchen—and her comfort zone—and Bendrix has even handpicked a man for her to date.
Samuel Howard is everything Abbey’s dreamed of: handsome, successful, and looking to raise a family. But a creamy icing might be needed to hide a problem or two. When Samuel complains about disrespect for the institution of marriage, Abbey’s reminded of her nontraditional family, with thirteen children from various mothers. And when Samuel rails about kids having kids, Abbey thinks of her twenty-year-old sister who’s recently revealed her pregnancy.
Soon Abbey is facing one disaster after another and struggling to make sense of it all. Her search for love has led her down a bitter path, but with the help of her unique family and unwavering friends, she just might find the ooh la la that makes life sweet.

Kritters Thoughts:  Abbey was a character from the beginning that I was rooting for and hoping for her to find what would truly make her happy - I love when I am a fan of the main character from the beginning, makes reading the book so much easier!

The part of this book that set it apart from other romantic comedies, for me at least, was her family and how that affected the person she became.  A father who is a musician that has romanced and married many ladies and fathered many children, but through it all they create this interesting family unit.  I loved how Abbey took her life experiences into her relationships and the affect that others had trying to enter into her crazy family life.  It really made the book more than others in its genre.

Because the characters are so engaging and real this book would be perfect to take on a vacation and read.  Although Abbey has some true ups and downs, I loved all the adventures she went through, it made the ending that much sweeter!

Rating: perfect beach read

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one copy of this book free of charge from Peguin.  I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for receipt of the book; rather, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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