Saturday, December 20, 2014

Each year, I like to sign up for a few challenges to keep my reading interesting.  I am going to repeat two the challenges, but going to skip out on the one that I have completely failed the last two years (the off your shelf challenge)!  Check out the sidebar throughout the year to see my progress on these challenges and my reading stats!

Where Are You Reading?

In this challenge, I keep a Google Map (link to my google map for 2015) and place a pinpoint at each spot where a book takes place.  The link to my google map will also be in the sidebar all year round, so anyone can check out where I have been reading!

If you would like to participate - check out Book Journey.

Ebook Challenge

I found this challenge in 2013 and completely surpassed my goal and came close in 2014, although I haven't found anyone hosting it this year, I am going to challenge myself to reading 100 ebooks in 2015.  I am excited to see how much of my reading is in electronic form.


Unknown said...

I'm also using a Google Map for my locations. Question: How are you logging your fantasy locations? I've been putting them in the middle of the Atlantic! lol. I can't see your map because of sharing settings but I'm glad someone else is trying the maps. I'm loving it and taking the idea to my students this year.
Here is mine:
Laura :)

Kritters Ramblings said...

Laura -

I am not posting fantasy locations and am not posting ones where they take place in multiple locations. I am only posting those that have a definitive location that i can find on the map. So unfortunately not ALL of my reads are posted on the map. Let me check on those sharing settings, thanks for letting me know.

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