Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December - crazy fun!

What a crazy crazy month!  This month was packed with holiday shopping and holiday events, but ended on a quiet note!  So the reading started out real slow, but thankfully the holiday break was full of some quiet moments!

1. The Undertaking of Tess by Lesley Kagen
2. The Resurrection of Tess Blessing by Lesley Kagen
3. Another Night, Another Day by Sarah Rayner
4. Passionate Nutrition by Jennifer Adler
5. What is Found, What is Lost by Anne Leigh Parrish
6. Always on My Mind by Susan May Warren
7. Evergreen by Susan May Warren
8. Hunting Shadows by Charles Todd
9. Windy City Blues by Marc Krulewitch
10. Before I Go by Colleen Oakley
11. He Texted by Lisa WInning
12. The Unimaginable by Dina Silver
13. After the War is Over by Jennifer Robson
14. A Sister to Honor by Lucy Ferriss
15. The Other Shakespeare by Lea Rachel

Total pages read, clicked, and flipped: 4,308

Where Have I Been Reading?:
Wisconsin (2)
Brighton, England
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Cambridgeshire, England
Minnesota (2)
Chicago, IL
Athens, GA
Liverpool, England

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