Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Reading Challenges

As we enter a new year, the spreadsheets are nice and new and the goals are set.  

Looking at my reading challenges that I participated in last year, here are the reading challenges I have put as my goal for reading in 2017.

1.  I want to read a minimum of 217 books in 2017.

2.  I want to read at least 50 ebooks in 2017.  This was a reasonable goal from last year.  I read some books both in ebook and book book form, but I only count the ones I fully read via ebook in this tally.

3.  I want to listen to at least 6 audiobooks in 2017.  I am disappointed that I didn't get this done last year, so keeping it on the list for this year!

And the challenge that I love to do (partly because it is easy) is:

Where Are You Reading?
In this challenge, I keep a Google Map (link to my google map for 2017) and place a pinpoint at each spot where a book takes place.  The link to my google map will also be in the sidebar all year round, so anyone can check out where I have been reading!

If you would like to participate - check out Book Journey.  She hosted this challenge in the past, not sure if she is hosting again, but as this is my favorite thing to do, I am continuing!

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