Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First Book of the Year 2017!

Sheila at Book Journey has been a blogger that I have followed for years.  She was one of the first that I followed and is part of my inspiration to start blogging.  She announced her first book of the year initiative and I wanted to join this year!  

My first book of 2017 is The Familiar Stranger by Christina Tarabochia.  This is the book I have had on my shelves the longest, since May 2010, so it will be my first read of this year.  

I did this last year and am doing it again.  I started the new year last year with the last acquired book and I didn't keep the habit going, so I want to try it again!  

So as much as I love to read the latest and greatest, I want to read what has been sitting on my shelves and what I know I have been wanting to read for years!

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