Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Review: Damaged by Lisa Scottoline

by Lisa Scottoline

Publisher: St Martin's Press
Pages: 416
Format: ebook
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Goodreads:  One boy. One lawyer. One chance for justice.

Ten-year-old Patrick O'Brien is a natural target at school. Shy, dyslexic, and small for his age, he tries to hide his first-grade reading level from everyone: from his classmates, from the grandfather who cares for him, and from the teachers who are supposed to help him. But the real trouble begins when Patrick is accused of attacking a school aide. The aide promptly quits and sues the boy, his family, and the school district. Patrick's grandfather turns to the law firm of Rosato & DiNunzio for help and Mary DiNunzio is on the case. Soon Mary becomes Patrick's true champion and his only hope for security and justice. But there is more to the story than meets the eye and Patrick might be more troubled than he seems. With twists at every turn and secrets about the family coming to light, Mary DiNunzio might have found the case that can make her a true protector, or break her heart...

Kritters Thoughts:  Still reviewing the series here that centers around a female driving law firm and their investigations that are spurred on by the cases that are brought their way.  

This fourth book in the series returns the attention back to the new partner, Mary DiNunzio.  She is weeks away from her wedding and a case that is in and out of her wheel house lands on her doorstep.  Part of the case that takes place in this book is about special education and the school system and the other part deals with child abuse.  This book was hard to read at spots.  There were a few moments where I had to close the book and take a step back because as the reader I wanted to reach in and help Mary fight for the good of this kid.  

I have said this earlier about this series, but I love how the cases are all self contained within each book, but there is a lot of character development that helps, so you don't want to skip around in this series.  I felt as though with this book in particular this case really affected Mary's personal life and I just enjoyed seeing her take her work home with her like us normal people do!

Onto the next book tomorrow!

Rating: definitely a good read, but can't read two in a row

Ebook 2018 Challenge: 83 out of 100

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