Thursday, November 19, 2020

Review: Rejected Writers Take the Stage by Suzanne Kelman

Rejected Writers Take the Stage
by Suzanne Kelman

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
Pages: 288
Format: ebook
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Goodreads:  After months of playing the lottery and hoping for an uptick in her dog-boarding business, Janet’s friend Annie must face the inevitable: the bank is foreclosing on her family farm. But thanks to the Rejected Writers’ Book Club, Annie doesn’t have to face it alone. With just a few weeks to raise the $20,000 that she and her fifty rescue dogs need to avoid becoming homeless, the writers need a fund-raiser, and fast. Much to Janet’s horror, Doris has another crazy plan.

In a moment of inspiration, their fearless leader declares a solution: a musical extravaganza. No one in the group has ever produced a musical, but Doris will not be deterred—they’ll write it together. And with Flora, who has never sung a note in her life, as the lead and Janet as their reluctant director—along with a hypochondriac costume designer, a pyrotechnics enthusiast, and Janet’s very pregnant daughter pitching in—what could possibly go wrong?

To produce a miracle for Annie, Janet and her friends will work around the clock holding auditions, concocting elaborate costumes, and getting a little too close to blowing themselves up—but will it be enough?

Kritters Thoughts:  The second in a series with this ladies as they are up to new antics.  One of their own is in a financial mess and they are bound and determined to help her keep her family's home and the rescue dog operation that she has built there.  Doris, the head of the group, has a grand idea to put on a show as a fundraiser in a local theatre that needs some renovation.  They can fix up the building and put on a show and help Annie save her home and her organization.  Of course with these ladies, things don't go smoothly . . .

I liked this book better than the first as I felt it had a great plot and rhythm, but for me I just don't love the characters.  All seem too over the top and almost ridiculous in nature and I just couldn't connect with one of them.  Part of it may be the difference in age, but also could be that there are so many of the ladies and I didn't feel as though you get to know any one of them on a deeper level.  

I will say the thing that made me like this book more was Flora's story.  The ups and downs of her romance were reminiscent of a typical romance story and I enjoyed her journey as she met Dan in the first book and as their relationship progressed through this one.  

I will read and review book three of this series tomorrow.  

Rating: enjoyable, but didn't leave me wanting more

Ebook 2020 Challenge: 96 out of 100

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