Monday, March 1, 2021

February - for the love of books

February started on the high from January, but ended on a slower month with an increase of work and home projects!  I am hoping that March will be a great end to the first quarter of 2021 and I will keep on the road of having the best reading year yet!

1. The Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery
2. The Kitchen Front by Jennifer Ryan
3. Cape May by Chip Cheek
4. Angels Burning by Tawni O'Dell
5. Helen in Love by Rosie Sultan
6. The Road to Becoming by Jenny Simmons
7. The Girl in the Missing Poster by Barbara Copperthwaite
8. Almost Famous Women by Megan Mayhew Bergman
9. The Speed of Light by Elissa Grossell Dickey
10. The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close
11. Bring Me Back by BA Paris
12. Out of Darkness, Shining Light by Petina Gappah
13. A Child of My Own by Vanessa Carnevale
14. What the Heart Wants by Audrey Carlan
15. Surviving Savannah by Patti Callahan
16. Meant to Be by Jude Deveraux
17. To Catch a Dream by Audrey Carlan
18. A New York Secret by Ella Carey
19. The Secret Stealers by Jane Healey

Total pages read, clicked and flipped: 6,973

Where having I been Reading?:
Walla Walla, WA
England (2)
New Jersey
Lincolnshire, England
South Dakota
Washington, D.C.
Colorado (2)
Savannah, GA
New York City, NY
Paris, France



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