Thursday, July 1, 2021

June - summertime reading!

Not my worst month of reading (in number of books completed), but nowhere near my best, hoping for some more summertime reading in July!

1. Her Tuscan Summer by Vanessa Carnevale
2. The Edelweiss Sisters by Kate Hewitt
3. The Beach House by Jenny Hale
4. The Stepsisters by Susan Mallery
5. The Child in the Photo by Kerry Wilkinson
6. Message in the Sand by Hannah McKinnon
7. The Somerset Girls by Lori Foster
8. Revival Season by Monica West
9. The Summer of No Attachments by Lori Foster
10. What a Dog Knows by Susan Wilson
11. Lady Sunshine by Amy Mason Doan
12. In a Nutshell by Cindy Dorminy
13. How Much Wine Will Fix My Broken Heart? by Kristen Bailey
14. The Summer Sisters by Sara Richardson
15. Lost and Found Family by Jennifer Ryan

Total pages read, clicked and flipped: 5,456

Where having I been Reading?:
California (3)
Kentucky (2)
Bristol, England


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