Saturday, October 18, 2014

Here we are at the start!  I have a banana, PB2, vanilla yogurt shake in hand and my nook fully charged and my stack of books next to me in my library in my comfy chair.  I am excited to see how this day of reading will go.

I will be updating on this blog every four hours, but will be chatting it up on twitter @kdurham2 .  

Currently reading:  Killer WASPs by Amy Korman

I am reading from my chair in my home in Alexandria, VA.
I am looking forward to every book in the stack, only picked good ones!
At noon, I am putting baked potato soup in the crockpot, so going to get excited for dinner and maybe a late night bowl of it!
I will be reading along side two crazy pups today, one currently in my lap and one chasing a ball down the hallway!
I will definitely take naps this year, I crashed last year and missed out on the end.


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