Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the Beginning . . .

And so it begins.

After much debate and discussion, I have decided to enter the blog world. I follow quite a few blogs, but I want to start one where books and life are intermingled.

This blog will be filled with quirky life stories - I am the girl that has the truly funny and quirky stories. But my real reason to start a blog is to track my love for reading. I have kept a nerdy spreadsheet of books that are my wishlist and one with books completed since I graduated from college. I want to really remember what I have read and how it impacted me personally.

Now that I have set my goal, I must first warn my audience. I am in no way a "writer." I am passionate about books and the adventures they take me on, but my thoughts are just that thoughts.

So I am embarking on this journey to share stories of my life happenings and the reading I do along the way.


  1. I stopped by on the blog hop. You have a cool looking blog, and a personal voice, plus a quirky rating system...I like it all!

  2. I just started blogging too. I am reading so many books a week, I wanted somewhere to keep track of it all! I like your review system, super cute! I have to figure out mine still! :) Following you!!!!


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