Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

Goodreads: Life on the Refrigerator Door is a poignant and deeply moving first novel about the bonds of love and frustration that tie mothers and daughters together. Told entirely in a series of notes left on the kitchen fridge - some casual, some intimate, some funny, some angry - it is the story of nine months in the life of 15-year-old Claire and her single mother. Preoccupied with their busy separate lives, rarely in the same room at the same time, they talk to each other in a series of short snippets that reflect the daily drama of school, boyfriends, work, and chore that make up their days. Yet the mundane soon becomes extraordinary when a crisis overtakes the lives - a momentous change that will redefine their relationship and unfold in their exchanges on the refrigerator door.

Kritters thoughts: A very short read, I completed this book in just under two hours. Unfortunately, it wasn't my kind of read. The premise of the story unfolding through notes on the fridge didn't give me enough detail of what the characters were thinking to really connect. I found myself flipping quickly through this book reading each note without any meaning.

I think I would have been more connected to the characters if there was some story intermingled in with the fridge notes. A quick little read that had the potential for a bigger impact.

Rating: not such a good idea

Total pages: 220

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