Friday, June 11, 2010

Woo Hoo, it's Friday!! Glad to be a part of the hop!

Thanks for checking out my blog during the hop! I am always looking for tips, hints and helpful stories!!

Check out Crazy-For-Books for other bloggers on the hop!


Sassy Brit @ said...

Hi Kritter (Love the name!)

I've popped over from the Blog Hop! Lovely to meet you and discover your new-to-me blog. I'm your latest follower.

If you'd like to drop by, please visit us here!


Mystee said...

Visiting for the blog hop :) Love your blog.

E.J. Stevens said...

Stopping by on the Hop. My Hop is here.

Happy Friday. :)

From the Shadows

Milka said...

Just hopping by to say hi!
I hope you have a great weekend! I was going to become I follower, but for some reason it says that the gadget is not working.


Bobbie said...

Coming over from Bloggiesta but couldn't find your post:) So commenting here! Great blog! Good Luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am following from the book blog hop. I am starting a new book club "The Lemon Verveine Book Club". Why don't you check it out when you get a chance?! Thanks!

DelGal Reviews said...

Stopping by to say a bloggy hopping HI!
Hope you have a great weekend and good luck with your CSN stores review, that looks exciting :)

Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Hi again! Thanks for stopping by! We're ALL book soulmates! That's why Isalys and I made the blog :)
You'll always be book soulmates with us :D

I'm following you too!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

♥ Vanessa ♥
Book ♥ Soulmates

kavyen said...

Just hopped by and have added you on my google reader. I could not manage to get my blog hop post this week but there is always another week!

Rachel said...

Just visiting via the hop!

And the plot thickens...

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