Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: The Meaning of Matthew by Judy Shepard

Goodreads: The mother of Matthew Shepard shares her story about her son's death and the choice she made to become an international gay rights activist.

Kritters Thoughts: What an amazing read! Most everyone has probably heard the horrific story of the occurrence that changed Matthew Shepard's family and Laramie, Wyoming, but there is way more to this story then I ever imagined.

I can not indulge too much because it is definitely not worth spoiling, but wow - what a read. I think cried a total of 4 times - and trust me I am not one to blubber on. The details of his life before, the incident and the trial after were heartbreaking and real.

I remember missing an opportunity in college to hear Mrs. Shepard speak and I am kicking myself even more after reading her book filled with her thoughts and accounts of the actions of the two men that impacted and changed her life forever.

I had not read many non-fiction books recently, no reason, just hadn't. So when I found the 2010 Challenge I decided to commit myself to at least 2 non-fiction by renaming the pick your own to non-fiction. I am beyond ecstatic with myself for picking this as my reintroduction into non-fiction literature.

I would recommend this to young, old, men and women - an amazing read.

Rating: (definitely good read, but can't read two in a row)

Total pages: 288

2010 Challenge: Non-fiction (pick your own)

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  1. I listed to the audio book which was read by Matthew's mother and I really enjoyed it. Heartbreaking to hear.


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