Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting Personal

So, I wanted this blog to be mainly focused on the books that I read, but I also want to throw in some personal notes. I know as a blog follower, I love to read the personal antidotes that have nothing to do with the books that are being read. So here it goes!

The basics:

I am a girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend.

I have been dating a pretty spectacular guy for over 2 years - enough to move for him!! We will refer to him as JP. He has been supportive of this crazy new hobby and rolls his eyes each time he checks our mail and there is a package for me!! He only gets bills! Together we have a new pup - Miss Charlotte. She is all we will be handling for a long time.

I am a daughter to a great set of parents who raised me to finish what I started and strive to better myself in whatever I am doing. I like to call them "the rents." The mom is an avid reader - she is where I inherited my passion for reading. The dad is the thinker and always keeps me on the logistical side of life.

A sister - I have spoken of J earlier, she is the ying to my yang. We grew up in the same house, but don't look alike nor have the same opinions on most things. We sometimes read the same books, but that is where our similarities begin and end.

Finally, I am a friend. Most of my friends used to live within 20 minutes of me, but over the years most have moved away for relationships, jobs and life happenings. From London to Charlotte, NC to Texas, I have friends all over. I miss having my peeps close by, but I am learning to keep our friendships going through calls and emails. Maybe someday I will admit to all of them I have a blog!

I want to share a bit of myself along the way. One day I will divulge the story of how I became Kritter!


  1. I love hearing about the personalities behind the blog! :) I have only told one of my friends that I have a book blog! I am embarrassed for some reason!

    Well, anyways Love reading your reviews and I adore your rating system...I need to think of something creative like that!


  2. I would love to hear that full story about Kritter. I think you left some bits out at dinner. :)


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