Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews

Goodreads: After her boss in a high-powered Washington public relations firm is caught in a political scandal, fledgling lobbyist Dempsey Jo Killebrew is left almost broke, unemployed, and homeless. Out of options, she reluctantly accepts her father's offer to help refurbish Birdsong, the old family place he recently inherited in Guthrie, Georgia.

Kritters Thoughts: What a good book!! I can not remember on what blog I found this book - but thank you to whomever you were, such a great read!!

The highlights of the book were A. The main character starts in Alexandria, where I currently live and ends up in GA right near where the boys parents live. B. What great writing that made it absolutely hard to set it down after my lunch hour was clearly over!! C. A good solid story with great characters that kept the story believable.

I have read some reviews that did not believe that this girl coming from a law/public relations background could easily adopt the handyman talents she did. WELP to that I say she didn't she had a fantastic handyman beside her that taught her everything in the book. As this being the only negative I read about this book, I say negative no more!

I can not say enough good things about this book. I don't want to send out any spoilers, but I want to recommend it to all my ladies who read women's fiction/chick lit. I think this book can entertain both crowds.
Rating: absolutely loved it and want a sequel

Total pages: 432 pages

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  1. I am a new follower,as of today. I love your review of this book. I found it in a paperback and will add it to my list, also found more of hers.

    Thank you,

  2. I loved this one too! I'm a huge fan of hers - I emailed her about my blog post and she emailed me back!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! Sounds like a good read.

  4. Hi, this was a fun book and I am a big fan of Mary Kay Andrews!

    Found you thru the Hop, have a great day.



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