Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Unless it Moves the Human Heart by Roger Rosenblatt

Goodreads: Unless It Moves the Human Heart details one semester in Rosenblatt's "Writing Everything" class. In a series of funny, intimate conversations, a diverse group of students—from Inur, a young woman whose family is from Pakistan, to Sven, an ex–fighter pilot—grapples with the questions and subjects most important to narrative craft. Delving into their varied lives, Rosenblatt brings readers closer to them, emotionally investing us in their failures and triumphs.

Kritters Thoughts: A quick little read that was completed in two sittings. I read it in December - but due to its release I delayed my review to post now.

This book was a great little read for two audiences - for readers who want to know more about the writing process and readers who are also writers. I am on the first group. I am a reader, NOT a writer, but I am completely interested in the writing process and how writers get into the zone and how they create the stories that I get so wrapped up into.

A professor who is using his students as subjects in the book by showing how one semester of writing different pieces can shape a writer. They write short stories, essays, and poems in one semester and learn that each form is important and can help build a stronger writer.

As far as who I would pass this along to, I would pass this onto my bloggers who are also writers and my fellow readers who love to hear about the writing process.
Rating: enjoyable, but didn't leave me wanting more

Pages: 176

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