Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Between a Rock and a Hot Place by Tracey Jackson

Goodreads: As she approached her fiftieth birthday, Tracey Jackson found herself bombarded - at the gym, at parties, in conversations with friends - by a catchphrase on everyone's lips. "Fifty is the new thirty" and the endless magazine articles, photos, and T-shirts proclaiming the new aphorism had apparently bloomed out of a collective sense of denial, masking the true fears of a generation unwilling to relinquish their youth.

Kritters Thoughts: A great read for those who are about to embark on that special birthday that puts them in the second half of their life. Although, I may be a little young to be reading this book, with a mom who has recently entered this new era, I found this book to be informative as to the emotions that she may be dealing with.

A funny account of all the physical and emotional impacts that occur after you hit the hump of the mid life crisis - however it may happen. This book would be a helpful guide to those who may be inching close to this part of their life, in the thick of it, or just beyond. Jackson talks about everything from mood swings to financial planning. I enjoyed the fact that she covered the whole spectrum of how life changes once the big 5-0 is reached.

I would definitely recommend this book to both women my age who have parents who may be facing this time of life or to those who are facing this time of life themselves. A quirky account of how a hypochondriac is facing all the old age illnesses that may occur at this time in a woman's life.
Rating:enjoyable, but didn't leave me wanting more

Pages: 304

Cover Challenge Jan-March: 304

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