Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review: The Big Show Stopper by Ken Dalton

Goodreads: The Big Show Stopper opens in a packed concert arena with everyone waiting for the entrance of Brady Blackstone, the richest, and premier concert performer in America. But before Brady sets his foot on the stage, a tragic accident takes his life in front of Bear and a devastated Flo. However, it does not take Bear and Flo very long to question if the death was it an accident or murder?

Once again, in the pursuit of a pile of money and a little justice, Pinky travels to an exotic site while Bear and Flo end up in one of the least desirable locations in California.

The Big Show Stopper brings back Pinky, Bear, Flo, along with a gaggle of quirky characters. A beer swilling wacko. A naked old fart. A couple of downright dangerous folks. And concludes on a dark night with the dynamic trio spread eagle counting down the final seconds of their lives.

Kritters Thoughts: A book that started a little rough, ended up being a great book that I am excited to share. From the beginning, there was a lot of language both curse words and crude, but once the story picked up you could push that to the side to enjoy the investigation.

Taking readers behind the scenes of the music industry and the business side of things, I could honestly picture the people in this country singer's inner circle. A person is who they surround themselves with and how they treat those who work for them. The singer who dies early on in the book was a domineering person who tried to control everything, yet had no control. You find throughout the book how many people he made angry and their motives as to why they may have wanted him dead. You are on the roller-coaster with Bear trying to find out who dun it!

This past summer I had the great opportunity to go backstage at a concert. I have a cousin who works for a record label in Nashville and her artist was an opening act, so a group of girls gathered and enjoyed the perks of backstage passes - watching the acts warm up, it was a private concert. I kept thinking about all of what I had seen from the side and behind the stage when Bear kept arriving at different tour stops.

I would pass this book onto both men and women alike - those who like the mystery.

Rating: definitely a good read, but can't read two in a row

Pages: 296

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  1. Thanks Kristin for the review! I'm glad that you liked the story, and what a great insight perspective you shared by your own visit backstage at a concert.


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