Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Ramble - an earthquake in VA?

Yes, you may have heard through one of many media outlets, there was an earthquake real close to my house on Tuesday.  I know I am just now getting to share my story - between the earthquake, a hurricane, friends having babies and a corporate retreat that is just over a month and a half away, my work has been coming home with me. 

Back to the earthquake, I work on the 14th floor of a building in Tysons Corner, VA and as I was cleaning up our board room - the shaking began. 

I share all of this to also share the below pictures of the ceiling tiles that were hanging right near my desk. 

As far as damage at our house - I had a picture wall that looked a little cock eyed and some books that fell off a shelf, but nothing was lost.  The boy was home with the pup, so she was not alone when our place did a little shaking.  She loves to bark at thunder and has no fear, so I just wonder what she was thinking when the ground beneath did a little shaking.  And just for kicks - a great pic of my reading partner and four-legged cuddler!


  1. Hope you are holding up with Irene. Crazy weather!

  2. Glad you survived. Have a great reading week.


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