Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: The Allegra Biscotti Collection by Olivia Bennett

Goodreads: She could be a world-famous fashion designer - but can she pass the 8th grade?

By day, Emma Rose is a quiet, under-the-radar student who doesn't mix with the popular set. But when school's out, she becomes Queen of the Runway - whipping up cutting-edge designs.

When Emma is discovered by a well-known fashionista, the psuedonym Allegra Biscotti is born to protect her from the lime light. She soon discovers balancing a secret identity, boys, school, and friends isn't as easy as she thought.

Kritters Thoughts: A middle grade read that kept me laughing and falling in love with the characters until the last page. If you are a follower of this blog, you know that I don't tend to read middle grade books, but this is one not to pass on. I loved the story of a girl who is an outsider, but finds joy in her talents even though some may say she is too young to be a professional.

The trial and tribulations of high school mixed with the dream of becoming a fashion designer seemed believeable and endearing. More often than not, the reason I don't read this genre is because there is a lack of realistic voice and context - not so with this one, she hit the voice and the drama of that age dead on. I was transported back to that time in my life and made me wonder what things I dreamed of and what pushed my buttons that I wish I had overcome. Such a sweet character, full of honesty.

The random drawings throughout the book gave it character and made you even more connected with Emma Rose - you were in her mind as she sketched what she saw.

I will definitely be looking for the next in this series. A great read for the younger audience as a motivator to dream and how to deal with the mess that life can throw at you.
Rating:absolutely loved it and want a sequel

Pages: 244

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