Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: Pretty Little Liars Series 4-6 by Sara Shepard

Goodreads: Sometimes lies come back to bite you. In the case of four pretty little Pennsylvania liars, the chomp really hurts. For years, cutie Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily have survived and thrived with nifty prevarications; now, in this series clincher, it's time for them to 'fess up - or pay the piper!

Kritters Thoughts:  Call me a fan!  I have fallen even deeper into this series and with each book, I can't wait to find out more clues to eithe confirm or deny my guesses.  I think I could be close, but really I have no clue and I love it.

The writing has been so addictive.  It is easy to slip into the story after reading a book between and I found myself immersed in the hunt for A and the killer.  With each book, I hope to be closer and then at the end I find myself no closer, yet no further away from the truth.  As stated before, there is some repetitiveness to each book because as the story develops Shepard repeats clues from previous books, but it can be easily bypassed.  

As I still haven't started watching the series, I am intrigued as to how close to the characters they follow and if the intricacies of the story are apparent on screen.  Maybe a show I will check out soon, but I definitely want to complete my reading before I begin my viewing. 

I think this series can be enjoyed by all ages as the mystery is the heart of the story.  As they are high schoolers, the drama is obviously at that level, but I don't think the story is any lower due to their ages.

Rating:  absolutely loved it and want a sequel

Unbelievable Pages: 352
Wicked Pages: 320
Killer Pages: 320

July-Sept 2011 Challenge:  Unbelievable: Well Rounded (YA)
                                                 Wicked: To Be Young Again
                                                  Killer: Going Green

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