Saturday, September 17, 2011

DNF - Did Not Finish. 

Alright, who out there doesn't finish books.  Before this past week, I had finished every book I started for the past 2 years.  I rarely start a book that I don't intend to finish.  I got 80 pages into a book this past week and just couldn't finish it.  As a blog that promotes the good in books, I will keep this not so great read nameless, other readers may love it more than I could.

SO I dropped it.  I set a book down and I don't know how it finished.

A short and sweet Ramble, but what are your thoughts?  Do you not finish books?  What do you do afterwards?


chasing empty pavements said...

I, too just put down a book after reading only 40ish pages. I often feel really bad when I don't finish a book I started, especially when it's been given to me for free to review. Then I realized... I am SO busy with all the things going on...I shouldn't have to waste my time finishing a book if I'm already so disappointed by it! I could easily spend the time reading a book I enjoy. So don't feel bad.

Annette said...

It happens to me. Not very often, but it happens. Most of the time I just don't mention it on my blog. Once in a while, if I feel compelled to tell people about the book, I'm just honest about my reason for not finishing. Mostly, though, I just pick up the next book and move on! Too many good books out there to worry too much about it.

Ti said...

I give a book 50 pages to grab me. If it doesn't I have no problem putting it down unless:

I promised to review it.
Or it's for book club.

I want to know what book it was! You can email me if you don't want to say it in public.

bookishchatter AT gmail DOT com

Bailey (The Window Seat Reader) said...

I for whatever reason feel quite a bit of pressure (pressure I put on myself, btw) to finish books. If I absolutely can't do it, I'll just set it aside. I usually write a DNF review explaining what didn't work for me but what might appeal to other readers. I never want to come across as ruthlessly negative, but I do try to convey honesty.

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