Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Ramble: Fall for the Book

What a great week of book nerdiness!  There were many authors I wanted to catch, but I only had the chance to get to three - which I would say was a pretty good number.

Tayari Jones

An awesome author from the south who in some genius way is able to channel the emotions of a child.  Although, I haven't read a book by her yet, I absolutely adored her reading.  As there were professors who had taught an earlier book of hers - Leaving Atlanta, she gave us the opportunity to hear a reading from that book - definitely going to go pick that one up after I read Silver Sparrow.

Dr. Abraham Verghese

A wonderfully, hilarious author who is full of stories with an immense background beyond being an author.  The boy went along with me to this event which was new and fun because he doesn't usually attend the bookish events with me.  Dr. Verghese picked an extremely funny excerpt and he added such character when he read it - I loved it.  When he signed my book, I was able to chat with him for just a moment and what a joy to see an author's true character.

Conor Grennan

Absolutely funny!  Instead of doing a reading, Conor recapped 3/4 of the book and left the audience who hadn't read the book with a good cliffhanger.  I had read this one and was beyond ecstatic to meet the author.  His use of visuals helped the presentation and brought the story home on a whole other level.  As he signed my book, we were able to make conversation and I may have geeked out in telling him how much I both appreciated his book and the work he has done so far.

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