Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Ramble: BEA 2012

BEA 2012!  Can you believe that just 4 months from today BEA and BBC begins?

And I will be there (along with my mom!)!!

That is right folks, I am going to my first ever BEA.  By the time it rolls around, I will have completed 2 full years of blogging and book sharing.  I can not wait to go and see what lies ahead for the book industry and meet some faces that I have only communicated with through the web.  

I need advice.  What to bring, what not to bring.  How to keep it all organized?  I can't wait to get to planning.  

Mom and I will be taking the train in from VA and we are excited to have 4 days of bookish events, people and things!  

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  1. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a sweater or hoodie. You'll alternate between hot and cold.
    Dress appropriately. This is an industry event so while it is good to be comfortable, remember sweats and flip flops don't necessarily send the right message.

    Bring a rolling suitcase. There is a bag check (last year it cost $3), and you can drop off the books you acquire throughout the day so you don't have to lug them around. (There is also a place where you can ship out your books but I have heard people have had problems with their stuff being stolen.)

    Bring a snack. You can buy food there but it will be typical stadium food and not the healthiest.


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