Saturday, April 20, 2013

Across My Doorstop

Another two weeks of books that came across my doorstop in a few ways.  The move hasn't begun yet, but it is the calm before the storm.

For Review:
The S Word by Chelsea Pitcher  (Goodreads  Amazon)
Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld  (Goodreads  Amazon)
Looking For Me by Beth Hoffman  (Goodreads  Amazon)
The Repeat Year by Andrea Lochen  (Goodreads  Amazon)
The Love Wars by L. Alison Heller  (Goodreads  Amazon)

The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen  (Goodreads  Amazon)
The Crooked Branch by Jeanine Cummins  (Goodreads  Amazon)
The Smart One by Jennifer Close  (Goodreads  Amazon)
Various Positions by Martha Schabas  (Goodreads  Amazon)
Girls in Trouble by Caroline Leavitt  (Goodreads  Amazon)
The Forgetting Tree by Tatjana Soli  (Goodreads  Amazon)

From mom:
Take a Chance on Me by Susan May Warren  (Goodreads  Amazon)

Library Loot:
The Roots of the Olive Tree by Courtney Miller Santo  (Goodreads  Amazon)
And When She Was Good by Laura Lippman  (Goodreads  Amazon)

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