Monday, August 12, 2013

Review: Pushing 30 by Whitney Gaskell

Pushing 30 by Whitney Gaskell

Publisher: Bantam
Pages: 336
Format: book
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Goodreads:  Ellie Winters is dependable and loyal and has a near-phobic aversion to conflict. But as her thirtieth birthday looms ever closer, she starts to feel like she’s lost the instruction manual to her life. She has just broken up with her boring boyfriend, despises her job, and is the last of her high school friends to remain single. Worse, her dysfunctional family is driving her nuts, and she’s somehow become enslaved to her demanding pet pug Sally, who she suspects is the reincarnation of Pol Pot.

One night, after a botched attempt to color her hair at home, Ellie rushes to the drugstore for emergency bleach, Sally in tow. Sally is accosted by a smitten canine admirer . . . but it’s the dog’s owner who captures Ellie’s attention. Television news anchor Ted Langston is witty, intriguing, and sexy. The only catch? He’s twice her age--and the only man on the planet who isn’t interested in dating a younger woman. And no one, from Ellie’s best friends to Ted’s ex-wife, wants to see them get together.

Kritters Thoughts:  Approaching 30 is an interesting time in life, maybe you are settled and married and just enjoying a happy time or maybe like Ellie you are trying to get things settled and it isn't working, either way turning 30 can be rough!  I may have picked this book specifically to review this week as my 30th birthday may be tomorrow!

I loved how Ellie was trying to put the pieces together, it combusts and most of it comes together in the end!  The characters were fantastic, they felt real, but each had great stories.  I loved Ellie's friends almost as much as I loved her.  I completely felt the angst of her upcoming birthday and how the expectation of where your life should be when you are entering your 30s.  

No matter your age, this sweet throw back book from 2003, is a perfect addition to your late summer beach bag!

Rating: perfect beach read

Off the Shelf 2013 Challenge: 5 out of 30

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