Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Feature - Black Dog

Black Dog by Stephen Booth

Published: PocketBooks

Goodreads:  As helicopters search Northern England's Peak District for fifteen year-old Laura Vernon, Detective Constable Ben Cooper quietly dreads the worst. And when her body is found in the woods, Cooper's investigation begins with a short list of markedly uncooperative suspects: retired miner Harry Dickinson, whose black Labrador discovered Laura's body, and Laura's wealthy parents. Uneasily teamed with ambitious newcomer Detective Constable Diane Fry, Cooper tests a town's family ties, friendships, and loyaties -- and finds that in order to understand the present, they must unearth the past.

Kritter Quick Thoughts:  So rarely do I not finish a book, but this was the one book this year that I just couldn't get into.  I think it was the setting and the amount of build up the author put in.  It took way too many pages for something to happen and I just couldn't get invested to find out what happened next, so read at your own risk.  If you like a huge build up, this is for you!

Any Stephen Booth fans out there?  Is there one of his that is better?

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  1. Hi, Kritter. I'm sorry BLACK DOG didn't really work for you. Every reader is different, of course! I try to make each book a bit different too - so the second one, DANCING WITH THE VIRGINS, cuts to the chase a bit quicker. :) Thanks for giving me the space on your blog, though. It's much appreciated.


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