Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: We Are Water by Wally Lamb

We Are Water by Wally Lamb

Publisher: Harper
Pages: 576
Format: ARC
Buy the Book: Amazon

Goodreads:  In middle age, Anna Oh-wife, mother, outsider artist-has shaken her family to its core. After twenty-seven years of marriage and three children, Anna has fallen in love with Vivica, the wealthy, cultured, confident Manhattan art dealer who orchestrated her professional success.

Anna and Viveca plan to wed in the Oh family's hometown of Three Rivers in Connecticut, where gay marriage has recently been legalized. But the impending wedding provokes some very mixed reactions and opens a Pandora's Box of toxic secrets-dark and painful truths that have festered below the surface of the Ohs' lives.

Kritters Thoughts:  A family saga that takes you into the past of each character to explain why they are who they are and how they got to the place they are whether it be in a good place or a bad place.  The central couple is Anna and Orion Oh and although they are now going in separate directions, it was still worth it to hear how they got together and the ups and downs of their marriage.  

Wally Lamb is known for writing some very powerful books.  It is sad to admit this was my first of his books that I have read, although I do own three others.  I wasn't quite prepared for the saga that it was, but I immediately fell into it and wanted to know more and more about this immediate family and the outside characters that would influence them.  This book was all about the characters and thankfully Lamb made a great family that I easily grew attached to.

I was most impressed that this book which is over 500 pages didn't feel like too much at any point.  I enjoyed the amount of coverage each character received and did not for one second think that some things should be cut to make it a little bit more manageable.  Although a hefty book, it is worth curling up with and may be a perfect read for the upcoming cold weather!

Rating: definitely a good read, but can't read two in a row

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received one copy of this book free of charge from TLC Book Tours.  I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for receipt of the book; rather, the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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  1. I love going back into a character's past to better understand him/her so I think I'd enjoy this one.

    Thanks for being on the tour. I'm featuring your review on TLC's Facebook page today.


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