Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dark Days tour

So this past week my mom (Ope's Opinions) and I went to Bethesda, MD to see four YA authors for the Dark Days tour!  I had read books for two of the authors and was excited to attend a YA signing - I don't go to many.

Sophie Jordan who is the author of the Firelight series, I was excited to see her because I am excited to read Uninvited.  I was excited to hear that it will be a dualogy - just two books!  I loved hearing how the idea of Uninvited came to her as she was with her child at a Little Gym - fun to hear the ways that authors get their ideas!

Kiersten White was also promoting a new dualogy Mind Games and Perfect Lies.  I have read Mind Games and bought Perfect Lies, but I just may read the first one again and then the second, hope to review those both here on the blog soon!  She was just sweet and fun to listen to!  

Finally there was Tahereh Mafi who is author of the Shatter Me series, still need to read the final installment.  I was surprised by how much romance was in this series, maybe I like my dystopians to have a little more action and a little less love!  At the event, you could completely tell how passionate of a reader she was and I loved how she promoted reading to people who want to be authors.

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