Saturday, May 31, 2014

BEA - Book Blogger Con 2014 in review

Book Blogger Con took place on Wednesday, May 28th.  And this time mom and I decided to come in a day early and really experience the full day of Book Blogger Con.  

Usually, I am an overtly positive person and especially so on this blog, as I like to spread positive vibes, but this post may be a little on the negative side, so just sending out a warning!

Let's start with the negative so we can end with the positive!  Most of the panels at Book Blogger Con were not the most productive for me as a blogger of 4 years.  There was a panel that I attended, no need to name names, but was more beginner than it was advertised.  

BUT the panel that I was probably both most looking forward to AND most disappointed by was the vlogging panel.  First, let me say I am a huge fan of vloggers and love watching booktube, so I couldn't wait to see the relationship between vlogging and blogging and would really putting time and effort into my youtube channel affect this blog - my big question wasn't answered.  And you want to know why?  Because there were no stinkin bloggers on the panel NOT A ONE.  The panel was full of a podcaster and three booktubers but NONE had a blog to help answer the big question about the relationship between each and would putting the time into one affect the other.  Why at a BLOGGER conference was not a panel member a true blogger?  

The panel that I loved most was the one that I went just to confirm the information I already had - the advertising piece.  I have done a little advertising here and recently joined Litbreaker ad network, so I was a bit familiar, so attending the panel wasn't for new information, but to confirm my current information.  This panel met my expectations which sadly was the best I got at BEA Book Blogger conference.  All of the members of this panel did a fantastic job of presenting information in the perfect way.
I spent most of the time brainstorming ideas for my blog which is the most positive thing I can say.  I have a lot of great ideas, some of which you may see on this blog and others have to do with my social media connected with this blog.    

Book Blogger Con  - I am not sure I will be in attendance next year.  Maybe if experienced bloggers were on the panel to give real hard advice from the trenches then I may reconsider.

Did you attend Book Blogger conference?  Thoughts?

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  1. Agreed! The two best parts of the con for me were 1) actually dedicating some uninterrupted time to think/brainstorm about my blog and 2) meeting folks like yourself and your mom! :) Beyond that, I didn't think the panels were very informative (some of the presenters had terrible public speaking skills). Don't think I'd do the blogger con again, which is disappointing, because I thought there was great promise from all the seminar descriptions! Let's keep in touch!


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